Within the pharmaceutical industry there lies an extremely long list of potential dangers. The following is a list of these as well as a list to enable you to see what AGP’s team of highly skilled and trained security guards are able to prevent from happening to your pharmaceutical company or distribution center…

  • Eco-terrorism
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Litigation
  • Product tampering
  • Property damage

In recognizing all of these potential dangers, we make it our goal here at AGP to ensure that you never have to experience the extremely hazardous effects of those pursuing harm on your pharmaceutical business. Between the manufacturing, research, marketing and distribution that go on within this particular industry, there are many different areas to be covered and looked after. In knowing this, we strive to only hire the best of the best when it comes to protecting your pharmaceutical assets.

Through a long process of screening, extensive background checks and rigorous training, we are able to bring on those certain individuals who we know are ready for this line of work. With so many potential threats geared towards the pharmaceutical industry, we make sure that each one of our professional security guard team members understands the risks, necessary knowledge and skills as well as knowing how to handle and deal with multiple possible scenarios. After completing this extensive training process, each one of our team members is able to provide the following specific services for your pharmaceutical security needs…

  • Meeting & Event Security
  • Threat Interventions
  • Access Control
  • Crisis Management
  • Overall Facilities Protection
  • Threat Assessment & Prevention
  • Threat Management
  • Secure Arrivals & Departures of Products
  • Transit Security
  • Patrol Vehicles
  • Fire Prevention & Life Safety Programs

Not only is the security of each product being handled of high importance but also the safety of the people and employees that are involved with the handling itself. We understand that being in charge of such a large load, numerous people and a heavy supply of pharmaceuticals is something that can create a lot of pressure on those that are in charge of how the business operates. Here at AGP, we make it our goal to relieve some of that pressure by providing the most excellent and professional armed and unarmed security guard service for every aspect that is involved within the pharmaceutical industry.

We believe that with this combination of rigorous training required for our team members, skills and knowledge of the industry, excellent service as well as a dedication to providing you only the best in your pharmaceutical security needs, we know that when choosing AGP, you will not be disappointed. Our goal is to make sure you, your employees and your assets stay safe and secure at all times and to go above and beyond your greatest expectations of us.

We look very forward to discussing with you further of what AGP can provide for you and for your pharmaceutical security needs!