Every one of us has studied chemistry in the secondary or higher secondary school and knows what an organic chemistry is. As this section of chemistry affects every second manufacturing industry, it is vital that you know about its related elements. Researches in the field have gotten the basic fundamental working behind this subject and are called as “Petrochemicals”. These are responsible for handling varied manufacturing sectors in United States.

What are petrochemicals?

This is the question that might be ringing the bell in your mind, raising the curiosity. Well, let us tell you that these are not something that are obtained from oil; also they are not something that has been derived from petroleum. But these are the chemical compounds that are produced from natural gas, plants, coal, oil etc. And the stats say that 99% of American petrochemicals are made using oil and natural gas. These are produced under very intense working provisions, which is carried out with a lot of concentration and thus are an expensive affair.

In addition, these petrochemicals are used to produce further line of chemicals known as “petrochemical derivatives” which latter become a great source of production in various industries. Following are certain important industries that need petrochemicals for their product manufacturing:

  • Renewable energy
  • Food and beverage Package
  • Commercial Aircraft
  • Medicine
  • Military protective wear
  • Construction

These and many other manufacturing businesses make use of these as their basic manufacturing material. There are several petrochemical manufacturers as these chemicals are one of the most required in the present times. But with this, is also increasing the terror threats, operating risks and thus petrochemical security becomes an important matter of concern.

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