Patrol Services

With extremely high risks of buildings, structures, lands and other assets being vandalized, trespassed or stolen from, it’s extremely important to now create new and efficient ways of protecting such assets. AGP recognizes this and is able to offer our highly effective and professional Patrol Security Service.

Individuals who take on such an important job such as this must possess the following characteristics, skills and knowledge in order to work for AGP…

  • Sharp Attention to Detail
  • Keenly Observant
  • Highly Dedicated
  • Unfailingly Vigilant
  • Quick to React
  • Aware of All Surroundings

We recognize that not every individual is able to possess or fully learn these skills that are needed to ensure that the job is completed in the most professional and secure way. Because of this, we have set in place a very rigorous and extensive training program that each individual is required to undergo in order to be hired for this particular security service here at AGP. All of our team members are specially and carefully handpicked and are guaranteed to provide you only the best Patrol Service for you and your assets.

By using a variety of technologically advanced tools and systems along with the knowledge and skills that each individual AGP security guard possesses, we guarantee that your assets will always stay safe and secure. The following is a list of services that we can provide for you on the job…

  • Armed & Unarmed Guards
  • Threat Assessment & Prevention
  • 24 Hour Security
  • Electronic Patrol Monitoring
  • Foot Patrol
  • Vehicle Patrol
  • Bike Patrol
  • Cart Patrol
  • Segway Patrol
  • Risk Prevention
  • Mobile Patrol
  • Video & CCTV Camera Monitoring

Put an end to the constant worry and stress of your building or piece of property being at high-risk for loss or danger. By hiring AGP, we will enable peace of mind and the absence of having to constantly wonder if your assets will stay safe and secure. Our highly skilled team of professional security guards is dedicated to making sure they meet your every need while going above and beyond all of your security expectations. We want to make certain that each Patrol Service we provide for you will ensure that your assets are in constant safe protection and will never have to endure any harm or danger.

Join the long list of clients and businesses that have been able to experience our professional, efficient and trustworthy Patrol Services in the Bay Area. If you are looking for guaranteed protection of your important assets, then look no further than AGP.