Maritime Security

AGP understands and recognizes the specific requirements that entail for Maritime Security. In this recognition, we specialize in providing only the best security services in these individual areas of the Maritime industry…

  • Screening
  • Compliance
  • Access Control
  • Incident Response
  • Reporting
  • Investigation

We understand the importance of maritime security in the contemporary context when maximum of the industries especially the big scaled companies depend a lot upon the sea passages. Lot of their raw materials and end products and goods travel through the long passages of water to reach different countries’ market and thus requires a high level of maritime security to:

  • Maintain protection against the crimes happening at sea.
  • Ensure an environmental safety.

To maintain a shield to counter attack the sea crimes is very vital to maritime security as various instances have been reported till date where large companies suffered a lot of loss due to some attacks from pirates or others. Maritime security forms a very important platform to make sure for the companies that they are protected against piracy and armed robbery, marine terrorism, unlawful trafficking through sea that includes narcotics, small arms, humans, light ammunitions, shipment burglary etc.

Though the government is effective in taking the rightful steps to prevent this but still there lurks the need to hire a private company that is a reputed one in maritime security. You would get information about many companies serving in the sector online but it is very important to look for the best in the list.

American Guard Protection is a company that has been into maritime security for 15 years and superbly excels in its security services. We understand your safety anxiety and thus dispose off a professional staff that is specifically trained for the purpose. Armed and unarmed security guards are provided to ensure safety not only to the products but the people in charge. Our other maritime security includes:

  • Terminal security
  • Auditing and Reporting
  • Cargo ships security
  • Theft and Violence Prevention
  • Port Facility security and Patrol and post services

We make sure that professionals in charge of these services get you the ultimate protection in maritime security.