When it comes to your products and assets, one thing is always certain: the protection and care to ensure they get where they need to be safely is absolutely essential. Whether it’s a small amount or large amount, AGP has got you fully covered with any security and safety protection and precautions you may need. We stand in front, behind, and on all sides of you and your assets to guarantee a safe and secure environment.

Our professional security guards are individually selected through a rigorous hiring process that involves background checks, references, screening and on-site/classroom training and practice. This ensures that we hire only those individuals that we are certain will be a reliable and strong asset to our team. The training process is taken with strong attention to detail and enables us to see just who is a right fit for this particular area of security. Many of the individuals we end up hiring often already have experience and know the ins and outs of logistics security. Further training is done for these types of individuals as well as brushing up on anything they might have previously learned.

With a combination of the right team members, the latest technology and our company’s missions and promises, we are able to offer professional and proficient security services for any logistic needs. The following is a list of specific services we offer in this certain area…

  • Interior Security
  • 24 Hour Dispatch Center
  • Incident Reporting
  • Tracking Systems
  • Logistics Escort
  • Site Engineering
  • Perimeter Security
  • Emergency Response
  • Vehicle Patrol Services

We understand that each part of the logistics of your company is extremely important to you and your business. In understanding this, we take our jobs seriously and handle each logistics security job with the utmost care and respect for you as our client.

With the technology advances of today, we recognize that there may be certain possible threats made to your assets, which is exactly what we offer to prevent. Through dedication, the right tools and skills alongside in-depth training and knowledge of what to do under any dangerous threats, we provide the best possible security for you and your assets. Don’t put your products, assets or employees in the way of danger; contact us and find out more about how we can ensure a safe, protected and secure transport and watch over any and all of your valuables.