Construction Sites

Here at AGP, we are fully aware and recognize that the amount of crime that is able to occur within a construction site, is almost endless. Each year there are numerous reports of break-ins, theft, incidents and multiple dangerous hazards within this particular industry. In recognition of this, we strive to make sure that when you hire AGP for your construction site security needs, we go above and beyond even your greatest expectations.

The individuals we bring on undergo a long screening process. They’re extensively checked for their backgrounds and adequately trained before they’re placed on-site. The construction sites, being the most burglarized ones in the country, need to have a competent construction security strategy in place.  To help you achieve your security and safety benchmarks, our team of professional security guards is rigorously trained to understand the risks, acquire the knowledge and achieve the skills to handle and deal with multiple possible cases of security. Once they’ve completed their extensive training, they’re able to provide you with the below mentioned services to promote a safer work environment:

  • Environmental & Health Safety
  • Auditing & Reporting
  • Theft & Violence Prevention
  • Overall Facilities Protection
  • Well-kept Track of Site Visitors
  • Armed & Unarmed Security Guards
  • Threat Assessments & Prevention
  • Video & CCTV Camera Monitoring
  • Patrol Security Services
  • Fences & Boundaries Monitoring
  • Parking Lot Security

In providing all of these services and any specific requirements or requests you have for us, we guarantee that your construction site and assets being held within it will stay safe and secure with the help of our highly skilled and trained security team.

We make it a point that the people that we deploy for your security are properly screened and only those are chosen who share a similar background and are trained to handle the complete security at your construction sites. We understand the ardent need to ensure full protection for the products and people at your construction site so we ensure that your projects run perfectly without being interrupted with unwanted accidents at your site. So, hurry and give us a chance to serve you and you would not be disappointed ever and indeed would return time and again to us to feel protected.