Cargo Security

Are you aware that recently, cargo thefts have been at an all-time high with food/drink thefts topping the charts of most stolen products? With the rise of cargo theft and the potential dangers that come along with it, AGP is here to assist you in dealing with these issues hand in hand while providing safe and secure transport and protection. Whether your cargo includes food, drink, industrial materials, alcohol, clothing or anything of the sorts, AGP understands that these products are essential to your company’s success and continued progression.

Through our very selective hiring process along with background checks and rigorous training, we continue to bring on the best of the best when it comes to security guard professionals. Each team member understands the risks, involvement, and necessities to complete a job well done from start to finish; allowing every single one of your cargo products to stay safe and secure.

Here at AGP, we analyze the risks and potential threats that may arise during any cargo transport and by combining our skills, knowledge and technology are able to ensure you that your cargo gets to where it need to be safely and out of the way of any possible danger. We measure each site, whether it is a warehouse or distribution center and make sure that once your products are loaded and secure, they stay that way throughout the entire trip out on the road. We make sure of this by offering the following specific cargo security services…

  • Armed Security Guards
  • Unarmed Guards
  • Camera Surveillance
  • Foot & Vehicle Patrol
  • Trailer Security
  • Threat Prevention
  • 24 Hour Dispatch Center
  • cargo Transport Escort
  • Vehicle Escort
  • Site Patrol & Security

With the technology advances of our day and the changing of different systems, it has become increasingly easier to plan a possible theft on cargo loads and transports. However, with the right technology that we are able to provide, it in fact makes it extremely difficult for any theft to take place under our watch. Each of our team members are fully capable, trained and skilled in such ways that prevent any theft, robberies or dangerous occurrences from taking place near your cargo.

Trust in a company that has been providing efficient and professional security services for more than 12 years and rest assured that we will do whatever it takes to keep your cargo and your employees safe and secure at all times.